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Property use, transfer and ownership is regulated on the state, local and national levels. Misunderstanding any relevant law can result in the loss of important rights. At Easter Law, LLC, our attorney works to fully enforce your property rights and represents individuals and businesses in the Kansas City, Missouri area in real estate matters, including easement disputes, home sales, eminent domain and zoning issues. Helping clients since 2014, our attorney will thoroughly review the facts of your case and use his experience to determine the best options to achieve your goals. Whether you need a home sales contract, representation in an eminent domain action or assistance obtaining a permit, our firm will respond with professionalism and sound advice.

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Real estate transactions can involve contracts and documents that contain complex terminology. The complexity of the documents frequently relates to the sale’s structure. Most sales are predicated on securing a conventional loan to finance the purchase. Other options to complete the sale include arranging a lease with an option to purchase or a lease-to-own agreement. Issues can arise at any stage of the purchase process, so you want an attorney who understands the law and knows the areas that could cause problems. Our firm’s attorney has years of experience working on a wide range of commercial and residential real estate contract matters and will ensure any contract you sign is valid, fair and protects your interests.

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Disputes over fencing and the installation of driveways can often lead to heated conflicts among neighbors. A boundary line is the legally-determined footprint of a piece of land as recorded in the plat filed with the city or county. An easement is an interest in land — for example, a neighbor wanting to build a path to their driveway — but not a legal title of ownership. Encroachments by neighbors or the public can arise in many ways, and our attorney knows how to effectively assert your rights, so you receive all the benefits entitled to you under the law.

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State and local governments hold considerable power over the use and ownership of property through zoning, land-use regulations, permits and eminent domain actions. Changes in zoning and land-use regulations can drastically limit an owner’s ability to use an area as intended, and the denial of permits can halt construction, business operations and repairs. More substantially, eminent domain can deprive an owner of their property rights, as it allows the seizure of private property for a public purpose (though the property owner is paid fair market value for the land that’s taken). Our attorney understands what is at stake in regulatory and legal actions that impact property rights and will diligently fight for your interests to ensure you receive the full protection of the law.

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